What is your style?

Every wedding has its own originality and “wealth” of exciting situations.
To remember every detail and every moment of your day, it is essential a reportage approach, that is pictures able tell and help you relive the wedding, or even see moments, details, and scenes around you that maybe you’ve been missing!
For this reason I try to keep my presence very discreet intervening the bare minimum, they are obviously provided (if required) also most formal pictures with parents, relatives and friends.
I invite you to visit the page in my website Weddings online, where you can see several complete jobs, in order to understand if it is the photographic style that suits you.

Do you have collaborators?

Yes, in order to ensure multiple shots, then a more complete service, they are always accompanied by one of my trusted collaborator.

Do you have a limit to how many shots that you make?

I do not have a limit of shots.
I prefer to document everything that inspires me without limits.
At weddings are always with camera in hand, ready to capture the moments
most important, a detail, a tear, a joke of friends ….
For thismy part it is not possible to predict the number of shots to be made,
or calcolare a limit.

What kind of equipment you use?

Using exclusively the latest generation of Nikon cameras, with which I can work with or without the use of flash, taking advantage of the ambient light, for example in church, while maintaining the utmost discretion during the religious ceremony.

How long will will hand our album?

Approximately from 90 to 150 days, depends greatly on the time of year when you get married.

Do you also deliver photo files you insert in the album?

Yes, I give the album along with a DVD containing the same selection of photographs and post-produced in high resolution. At the request of the rest of the photos will be delivered on a separate CD in low resolution.

We have seen your site and the photos you took.
We would like to be certain it is you that day, to make us the photographs.

Certainly, it is essential to ensure my presence, especially to maintain quality of the work presented in our study. Then, by choice, only one wedding photographer daily.

Will you remain with us even to the cutting of the wedding cake?

Surely! I’ll stay with you until the cake cutting, is one of many exciting moments, and also it must be photographed in its spontaneity, without advances artifacts.

h3>Who will select the photos to include in the album?

Always invite the couple leave decide me the photos to be included for compose the most of the story of your wedding, I think it is the best choice
both from the artistic and technical. When the work is finalized I will introduce, in my study, the slideshow of the album, and then proceed with the printing and binding, or, intervene, at your request, for any changes.

Can you get a quote via email?

To get a more precise and detailed explanation of all the services, the various finishes of paper,
the different formats of albums and above all, to be able to understand what kind of photo shoot you are looking for, it is essential to meet in person.
By email is really hard make you appreciate the quality of the products I offer.
In addition, each solution can be tailored to your needs.
I get by appointment.

How long before we have to book the photo shoot?

Usually from six to twelve months before the wedding date.
In recent years we receive bookings a year before, and the day more choice is Saturday, so if your wedding will be held on Saturday, I invite you to check availability as soon as possible.

How can we book the date?

The date will be officially booked with the signing of the contract and the payment of a deposit.

Do you work only in Tuscany?

No, I work throughout the country.
Of course, in correspondence with the distance and the needs of housing, in the cost estimate, an extra fee will be calculated based on distance.